Scholarships & Bursaries

Working with us

Providing access to excellent training in the hotel, restaurant, culinary arts and pastry trades is a priority of the G&G Pélisson Foundation.

Investing in the future

Academic scholarships & income-related bursaries

French and international students admitted to the first year of a Bachelor’s program, regardless of the program, can benefit from our scholarship program. The diversity of personalities and backgrounds is a sign of creative richness.

Thanks to the generous donations we receive from individuals and businesses, since 2017 the G&G Pélisson Foundation for Institut Paul Bocuse has sponsored 200 students who receive new or renewed bursaries and scholarships.

Passionate about dance and singing, I was attracted by the rigor and excellence of the IPB. These values are transmitted by our teachers who are committed to providing us with quality teaching from both an academic and practical point of view.

Carmen, 3rd year student of the Bachelor Hospitality Management


Business donors

A corporate sponsor invests in the future of a young French or foreign student. It provides financial autonomy and personalized tutoring throughout the student’s education.

Thanks to this grant, companies also promote their employer brand among students.


Culinary arts management

They support our initiatives

  • La Cornue supported Diane Laudic, a graduate student on the Bachelors course in Culinary Arts Management
  • Bernard Magrez supports Constance Huber, a student on the Bachelor course in Hospitality Management
  • Malongo supports Maud Ravix, a student on the Bachelor course in Culinary Arts Management

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Support students

Student Solidarity Fund

Thanks to the support of the G&G Pélisson Foundation and the Institut Paul Bocuse Alumni Association, Institut Paul Bocuse students can have access to a Solidarity Fund, set up to respond to specific financial problems.

This emergency fund, exclusively intended for students and young graduates of the Institut Paul Bocuse, reinforces the individual aid system in place (psychological support, listening time, individualized support, etc.)

This system should allow students and young graduates to receive financial support in their daily lives.

Every donation counts!

By supporting the Solidarity Fund, you allow the students of the Institut Paul Bocuse who have seen their financial situation deteriorate, to live more serenely.