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Investing in the future

Academic scholarships & income-related bursaries

Thanks to the generous donations we receive from individuals and businesses, since 2017 the G&G Pélisson Foundation for Institut Paul Bocuse has sponsored 180 students who receive new or renewed bursaries and scholarships.

Our conviction is that diversity rhymes with creative wealth. To make it possible for applicants from disadvantaged backgrounds to access the best higher education courses, you can help guarantee their future place as students at Institut Paul Bocuse by funding a bursary or scholarship.

The Scholarship Award Committee meets twice a year. Scholarship renewals are subject to conditions: academic results, behavior, attendance and investment in the life of the school.

Culinary arts management

Individual donors

For individual donors who feel strongly about the cultural heritage of the French art of entertaining, the culinary arts and gastronomy in general, we offer you the possibility to contribute to funding a scholarship or bursary that will enable an enthusiastic and deserving future young talent to study at Institut Paul Bocuse.

You will be invited to the annual Scholarship Awards Ceremony. The Foundation will also keep you updated on the profiles, personalities, passion and commitment of our young bursary or scholarship beneficiaries.

Business donors

It is also possible for companies to invest in the future of young talent whose profile and personality match their selection criteria and the DNA of their business organisation.

The G&G Pélisson Foundation will assist you in selecting the student of your choice:

  • We will help you identify a young beneficiary whose profile and personality matches the ambitions of your company.
  • We will also ensure that throughout their studies you are kept in close touch with your student, who we see as a potential future employee of your organisation.

Thanks to your support, you will play an important role in the beneficiary’s student experience over a 3 to 4-year period, during which you will share their interactions, their new discoveries and their developing passion for the profession.

Supporting our initiatives

  • La Cornue supported Diane Laudic, a graduate student on the Bachelors course in Culinary Arts Management
  • Bernard Magrez supports Constance Huber, a student on the Bachelor course in Hospitality Management
  • Malongo supports Maud Ravix, a student on the Bachelor course in Culinary Arts Management

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The foundation supports our students’ solidarity initiatives

Using their energy to help others

The G&G Pélisson Foundation funds and advises Institut Paul Bocuse students in their humanitarian or charity work. Below, you will find example.

  • We supported Thibault and Côme during their participation in the 4L Trophy charity car rally, during which they raised funds to help isolated African villages and also enabled them to discover the meaning of mutual aid.

Together, let’s offer our students the resources to help them excel and commit to making the world a better place.