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Stimulating innovative pedagogical approaches

For over 30 years, Institut Paul Bocuse has been developing a distinctive experiential teaching approach based on applied and modulable learning spaces equipped with innovative pedagogical material.

Our aim is to develop an educational environment that is increasingly well-adapted to the learning needs of our students, and where robotics and digital technologies support the culinary arts, hospitality and food service industries.

By giving to the G&G Pélisson Foundation, you will:

  • Enable our teaching staff to experiment with new pedagogical tools, including: creativity rooms, learning labs, connected equipment and modular teaching spaces.
  • Support the strategy to reinforce the academic team with full-time faculty members offering expertise in the culinary arts and hospitality management, alongside the presence of resident visiting research fellows, doctoral candidates, chefs and lecturers.

The G&G Pélisson Foundation has recently funded the recruitment of Frédéric Bouchon, a PhD qualified professor specializing in management and tourism. Thanks to his expert knowledge of course design and delivery, he is in charge of the ‘Quality Education’ department, which oversees the Institute’s work towards international accreditation and the continuing improvement of course content.

Promoting innovation through research

Institut Paul Bocuse benefits from a unique teaching ecosystem structured around undergraduate and post-graduate degree studies, a centre for research focusing on food science and innovation and a dynamic continuing professional development and career retraining centre.

Since 2008, the Centre for Research has been assigned to produce, share and develop original knowledge and know-how that contributes to the well-being of different populations in France or overseas, whatever their age, the circumstances in which or wherever they eat their meals.

By helping to fund the Institute’s doctoral research programme, the G&G Pélisson Foundation supports research projects and experimentation at both a European and International level:

  • To meet present and future societal challenges.
  • To innovate, creating new approaches and methods, new products, new services and new experiences.

Our objective: increase the number of doctoral candidates receiving funding in order to develop the research activity at Institut Paul Bocuse.

PhD theses completed thanks to our donors

Goût et Cancer (Taste and Cancer): Towards culinary care of sensory disorders and undernourishment caused by chemotherapy.

Goûts et chirurgie bariatrique (Taste and Weight Loss Surgery): A prospective study of the changes in eating habits of patients having received surgery for obesity.

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