Under the aegis of the Fondation de France, the mission of the G&G Pélisson Foundation is to support and promote the development of Institut Paul Bocuse as an international culinary arts, hospitality and food service management school.

Our heritage & values 

Notre histoire

Excellence, Generosity, Respect & Ethics

We are proud to have succeeded in making sure that our professions are now taught at University since 1999.
Gérard Pélisson
It takes just as long to do things properly as it does to do them badly.  We might as well do things properly.
Paul Bocuse

Offering a rich learning experience & building the future

Thanks to the generosity of private and business donors, the G&G Pélisson Foundation has been able to fix 4 objectives:

New campus

Award bursaries & scholarships

We believe that financial difficulties should not prevent talented students from pursuing their training in a leading higher education institution. The G&G Pélisson Foundation promotes equal opportunity. It supports deserving students at the Institut Paul Bocuse through a scholarship program based on social criteria and academic excellence.

Promote research and pedagogical innovation

The Foundation supports ambitious research projects conducted by the Institut Paul Bocuse Research Center. It supports the recruitment of teachers and professionals in our professions and participates in the acquisition of educational materials necessary for pedagogical innovation at the heart of the school’s teaching.

Develop the facilities at Institut Paul Bocuse

By supporting the development and modernization of the campus, the Foundation participates in the creation of teaching facilities that respond to pedagogical, technological and societal changes. These places offer students and researchers a unique environment in which to live, study and work at the pace of their times.

Widen the international impact of the school

The Foundation endeavours to promote worldwide the renowned French know-how, cultural heritage and hospitality developed at Institut Paul Bocuse ever since its creation. Our work therefore plays a role in ensuring that the ambitions of the two co-founders, Paul Bocuse and Gérard Pélisson, endure by passing on with passion and modernity the foundations of the hospitality, food service and culinary arts professions to young generations across the globe.