The G&G Pélisson Foundation works in support of a generation of students who have committed themselves to programmes of study that stand for the excellence and exceptionally high standards of the French art de vivre.

As a sponsor:

  • you support passionate young people and allow them to live their dream at the heart of a campus where they live an experience that contributes to revealing themselves to become happy and recognized entrepreneurs
  • you support a school that promotes and spreads the word about the French culinary and cultural heritage, which has been listed as an intangible heritage of humanity since November 2010.

join us 

To show you our gratitude for your generous support, the Foundation commits itself to:

  • Informing you of the development projects, programmes and actions you have contributed to.
  • Sharing information with you about life at the school and any new developments.
  • Inviting you to social events with your fellow donors.
  • Giving you the results of our fundraising efforts.
  • Adding your name to our donor call of honour.

Supporting the next generation of talent 

The G&G Pélisson Foundation and Institut Paul Bocuse thank you for your generous support.

Robert Arlaud • Eugenia Aubine • Marie Ballivet • Pierre Béal • Fabienne Beauvais • Jean-Marc Berti • Corinne Berty • Sven Boinet • Etienne Boissy • Isabelle Brosset-Heckel • Jean-Paul Cannac • Vincent Chmielowiec • Pascal Donat • Thierry Drecq • Olivier Dubreuil • Nathalie Farcet • Frédéric Fontaine • Patrick Gainnier • Robert Korczynski • Jean-Marc Lamy • Manuela Laudic • Jean-Paul Lespinasse • Françoise Malmenaide • Jean-Marc Montegottero • Claude Moscheni • Pierre Nanterme • Pierre Normand • Hervé Pélisson • Gilles Pélisson • Didier Rinck • Mr et Mme Michel Rochedy • Nicolas Sabran • Roland Tchénio • Yves-Marie Uhlrich • Chantal Vulliez