Supporting the ambitions of Institut Paul Bocuse


(…) The school has more than 1200 students coming from 68 different countries on world-class courses up to post-graduate level. Thanks to the work of the G&G Pélisson Foundation under the patronage of the ‘Fondation de France’, your generous donations have enabled us to extend the campus, so that as of 2022 there will be a further 400 students here. We have also been able to increase the number of scholarships and bursaries awarded to our students.

Thanks to the work of the Foundation, my hope is that Institut Paul Bocuse will become the leading school for preparing young, talented individuals to become the future ambassadors of the French ‘art de vivre’, as well as professionals who are recognised for their passion and commitment to excellence in hospitality, food service and culinary arts throughout France and the world over”. 

Gilles Pélisson, President of the Institut Paul Bocuse


Members of the Executive Board

  • Gérard Pélisson, Founder and Honorary President of the Institut Paul Bocuse board of governors 
  • Sylvie Pélisson, President and Administrator of the Foundation
  • Sven Boinet, Foundation Administrator 
  • Nathalie Perrin, Executive Director
  • Dominique Giraudier, Foundation Administrator and CEO of Institut Paul Bocuse
  • David Khayat, Foundation Administrator  
  • Sylvain Noble, Foundation Administrator and President of the Institut Paul Bocuse Alumni Association 
  • Stéphanie Rollin, Foundation Administrator   
  • Philippe Sans, Foundation Administrator   
  • Jean Solanet, Foundation Administrator   

Foundation’s team

  • Sylvie Pélisson, President
  • Nathalie Perrin, Executive Director
  • Corinne Berty, Fundraising & communication manager
  • Imane Oudadas, Junior communication & fundraising officer

Members of the Teaching & Research Committee

  • Jeffrey Catrett, Director of post-graduate programmes at Institut Paul Bocuse
  • Agnès Giboreau, Director of the Centre for Food & Hospitality Research at Institut Paul Bocuse
  • Eléonore Vial, Director of undergraduate programmes at Institut Paul Bocuse