Supporting the ambitions of Institut Paul Bocuse

For more than twenty years, thanks to its legendary founders Gérard Pélisson and Paul Bocuse, the Institut Paul Bocuse has been enthusiastically promoting and transmitting the French way of life in terms of gastronomy, culinary arts and hospitality.

When Gérard and Gilles Pélisson summoned me to become President of the G&G Pélisson Foundation for the Institut Paul Bocuse, I felt particularly honored. The fact that they rely on me to carry the Foundation’s mission to support our leading school makes me extremely proud.

I came from a family connected to French culinary traditions in Lyon. I had the chance to grow around the passion of cooking of my loved ones. They were always driven by a deep desire to delight and reveal their cookery secrets simmered with their hearts.

I had the privilege to share the ambition of Gérard and Gilles Pélisson for the restauration and hospitality sectors, which we dearly care for.

I come from a deep background of experience in France and abroad, in finance and then in professional retraining support. I am currently teaching students to whom I am committed to transmitting the values of interpersonal skills. I am delighted to invest myself in promoting the values and technical and managerial expertise of gastronomic and hotel excellence.

This active investment is all the more significant to me because we are approaching the end of a particular year. Despite the health crisis, we have seen the gradual emergence of innovative and creative ideas for culinary concepts and takeaway meals. A moving creativity that was born to offer us gustatory pleasure and conviviality at home. All this has allowed the emergence of new vocations in catering, pastry and bakery.

More than ever, this period has proved us how much we need moments of tasting, escape, sharing and creation to recharge our batteries, comfort ourselves and maintain our vital balance.

President Macron announced the creation of a “centre of excellence” for French gastronomy in Lyon, as well as the victory of one of the chefs of the Institut Paul Bocuse at the prestigious Bocuse d’Or world gastronomy competition. These events have made it possible to honor the chefs, their passion and all the service professions, from hospitality to French savoir-vivre. This is an enormous source of pride for the teams and students of the Institut Paul Bocuse who work every day to bring the know-how of their profession to the most elevated levels of excellence.

Therefore, with my dynamic and renewed team, we are counting on your valuable support. It will help us honor the ambitions and values advocated by the Foundation. We’re doing it for the academic and international influence of the school and the ethical development of the vastest number.

Sylvie PélissonCollectively, let’s mobilize to enthusiastically promote these noble professions full of meaning and happiness!

Sylvie Pélisson, President of the G&G Pélisson Foundation


Members of the Executive Board

  • Gérard Pélisson, Founder and Honorary President of the Institut Paul Bocuse board of governors 
  • Sylvie Pélisson, President and Administrator of the Foundation
  • Sven Boinet, Foundation Administrator 
  • Nathalie Perrin, Executive Director
  • Dominique Giraudier, Foundation Administrator and CEO of Institut Paul Bocuse
  • David Khayat, Foundation Administrator  
  • Sylvain Noble, Foundation Administrator and President of the Institut Paul Bocuse Alumni Association 
  • Stéphanie Rollin, Foundation Administrator   
  • Philippe Sans, Foundation Administrator   
  • Jean Solanet, Foundation Administrator   

Foundation’s team

  • Sylvie Pélisson, President
  • Nathalie Perrin, Executive Director
  • Corinne Berty, Fundraising & communication manager
  • Imane Oudadas, Junior communication & fundraising officer

Members of the Teaching & Research Committee

  • Jeffrey Catrett, Director of post-graduate programmes at Institut Paul Bocuse
  • Agnès Giboreau, Director of the Centre for Food & Hospitality Research at Institut Paul Bocuse
  • Eléonore Vial, Director of undergraduate programmes at Institut Paul Bocuse