Supporting tomorrow's talents

The G&G Pélisson Foundation

We are convinced that diversity is a sign of creative potential. To facilitate access to higher education programmes of excellence, the G&G Pélisson Foundation participates in the Institut Paul Bocuse bursary and scholarship programme.

Scholarship Programme

Since 2017, the Foundation has supported more than 180 deserving students through its income-related bursary and academic scholarship programme for 1st year Bachelor students.

In 2020, 58 scholarships were awarded for nearly €200,000.

Thanks to the support of our patrons, companies and individuals we have been able to increase the number of beneficiaries and the amounts allocated each year.


Business Scholarships

We offer business organisations the opportunity to commit to supporting students throughout their programme of studies.

Two business scholarships are currently financed by companies


Beyond offering considerable financial support, my scholarship, awarded by the Bernard Magrez company, is a real opportunity.  My project is to specialise in wine and wine-tourism; embarking upon my studies alongside the Bernard Magrez company, with special support from his daughter Cécile Daquin, will be a real asset for my future career prospects.

This scholarship allows me to concentrate fully on my studies, without having to worry about the financial side of the training.

Constance Huber – Bernard Magrez Scholarship – Bachelors in International Hospitality Management, Year 2.


International Scholarships

In 2021, we aim to roll out our scholarship programme “beyond borders”!

In collaboration with the International Development Department at Institut Paul Bocuse, we are starting an international scholarship project. The aim: to develop the awarding of scholarships to international students via local grants. The identification of foreign sponsors will be an integral part of this project.


Support our scholarship programme and enable a deserving and dedicated student to fulfil their dream.