Summer = Internships at the Institut Paul Bocuse

The G&G Pélisson Foundation

The internship period is an opportunity for Institut Paul Bocuse students to put into practice what they have learned at school. For 4 to 6 months, they discover the sector in which they have entered. It is a professional experience that allows them to build their future projects in a more concrete way and to take a step closer to their dreams.

It is an essential step in their training of excellence which aims to train future leaders in these essential professions. Thibaut, Jules, Agathe and Duncan, all scholarship holders of the G&G Pélisson Foundation for the Institut Paul Bocuse, told us about their experiences, both formative and exceptional.


Thibaut is a 1st year student of the bachelor’s in international management of culinary arts and a scholarship holder from the G&G Pélisson Foundation for the Institut Paul Bocuse. He is currently on an internship at Matsuhisha Saint Tropez, a restaurant that combines Japanese and Peruvian cuisine, located in the heart of the Château de la Messardière.

Alongside his tutor Eirini Koufidou, he trained in Japanese cuisine. He was given responsibility for the pantry, an important task in a kitchen.

“I’m learning a lot of things, whether it’s techniques or those based more specifically on Japanese cuisine. But I also must discover the more administrative parts such as orders for the commissary or calculations such as the food cost or the cost price.”

The Matsuhisa St Tropez team, sushi bar included, is a team of 6 different nationalities, each with a unique vision and way of working, which is very rewarding. The team is largely young with an average age varying between 23 and 29 years old. This slight age difference facilitated my integration into the brigade. In addition, this cultural variety has allowed me to deepen my knowledge of English and learn how to adapt to an international environment.

I would like to thank my boss for the trust she placed in me from the start. His very benevolent and very talk-oriented management style allowed me to flourish during my internship and to take pleasure in working.

Thibaut, during his internship, showed rigor, open-mindedness, and perseverance. Thanks to his tutor, the benevolence of the team and his seriousness, he emerges from this experience fulfilled and more certain than ever of the path he wants to take.


Jules is a student in the 2nd year of the Bachelor International Management of Culinary Arts and a grant holder from the G&G Pélisson Foundation for the Institut Paul Bocuse. He completed his internship in Montreal at the starred restaurant Toqué.

In this prestigious establishment, which was named among the best restaurants in the world according to Forbes, he trained in his specialty: pastry.

“My internship is going very well and it’s the best experience I’ve had so far in pastry”

Jules told us about the management model put in place by the chef, which allows his teams to work with organization and peace of mind. Thanks to this atmosphere, Thibaut feels fulfilled and confident, which allows him to produce work that makes him proud. He was able to have the chance to participate in the design of a dessert for the restaurant menu. From design to completion, it is at the heart of the action.

This experience allowed him to discover a type of management different from the French model, it also allowed him to work on his English and his ability to adapt to a foreign environment.

“It is an incredible experience!”


Agathe is a Bachelor of International Hospitality Management student and a scholarship holder from the G&G Pélisson Foundation for the Institut Paul Bocuse.

Following her Erasmus semester in Budapest, she continued with a 3-month internship at the Ritz Paris in the Catering department attached to the banquet.

During her first month, she had the chance to participate in several prestigious events such as Fashion Week in July or even the reception of the film crews of a Parisian series, in the lounges of the prestigious hotel. This allowed him to practice his knowledge in management, in management.

This experience only increases and consolidates my desire to work in luxury events.

She will come out of this experience grown with a consolidated knowledge and a concrete vision of these trades which make it possible to transmit the Art of French living.



Duncan is a 1st year student of the Bachelor International Management of Culinary Arts and a grant holder from the G&G Pélisson Foundation for the Institut Paul Bocuse. He is doing his internship in the kitchens of the famous three-starred chef Anne-Sophie Pic.

I am happy and fulfilled, what more could you ask for!

During his internship, he was able to evolve in different positions, going from the appetizer service to that of the pantry as herbs manager to finally integrate the fish and meat garnish service.

He applies his knowledge and learns new techniques, perfects his knowledge, and learns from his elders in the world of cooking. He had the chance to work in a large friendly and serious team, which will allow him to evolve as a person and as a professional.

Thanks to the benevolence and the welcome of the team, but also thanks to his rigor and his perseverance despite the imposed pressure, he carried out 4 months of internship with, at the end, a new background which will allow him to begin his second year with even more desire and acquired experiences.

The G&G Pélisson Foundation for the Institut Paul Bocuse aims to support and accompany these ambitious young talents who wish to flourish in these essential professions.

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