Promoting research excellence

The G&G Pélisson Foundation

One of the missions of the G&G Pélisson Foundation is to support ambitious research projects.

In 2020, we contributed €100 K to the Institut Paul Bocuse Research Centre, notably by co-financing 2 theses:

  • New trends in meat consumption in the restaurant industry
  • Transnational food dynamics between France and Brazil.

My work concerns the study of global food dynamics. More specifically, the aim of my research is to identify the eating habits of Brazilian and French immigrants in France and Brazil. The construction of identity, mixed parenting, immigration, community mutual aid and commercial food exchanges are all themes that are explored in this piece of work.

Marie Sigrist – Doctoral student


In addition, we have signed a sponsorship agreement with APICIL for the funding of the thesis “Understanding post-operative dietary preferences and behaviour in bariatric surgery”.

In 10 years, 21 theses have been financed with the help of foundations, private companies or public funds. Researchers and doctoral students at the Institute carry out scientific projects in response to contemporary and future societal issues at the heart of our everyday lives: food at work, food rejection in children, food and Alzheimer’s, analysis of world culinary practices, etc.

Thanks to its work, the Research Centre fosters the development and constant updating of Institut Paul Bocuse’s teaching content in line with the trends and developments observed by our research team.