Our scholarship students
have talent

The G&G Pélisson Foundation

Anais and Cole, scholarship students in the Bachelor of Culinary Arts program, are participating in major competitions this week.

The mission of the Institut Paul Bocuse is to help students reveal themselves. Throughout their studies, they participate in numerous projects, challenges and competitions aimed at stimulating their creativity and developing their know-how. Thanks to an experiential teaching method that combines theory and practice and with the help of a highly qualified international teaching staff, they are prepared to take up these different challenges.

The G&G Pélisson Foundation is proud to support and accompany these talented students who are ready to surpass themselves throughout their studies at the Institut Paul Bocuse.

Jeunes Talents Escoffier

Anaïs, 2nd year student, and Ivan, 3rd year student of the Bachelor Restauration will participate in the final of the French Championship for Young Escoffier Talents, on November 23rd in Avignon.

Participating in this competition is a real challenge for us both personally and professionally. Teamwork is essential in these professions and we are aware of the importance of the service relationship between the dining room and the kitchen.

Anaïs et Yvan

Bocuse d’Or France

Cole, a third-year student, is Naïs Pirollet’s assistant. They will be competing alongside five other candidates in the Bocuse d’Or France selection on November 26 in Reims.

Naïs is a graduate of the Institut Paul Bocuse, she joined Team France in 2020 in the race for the Bocuse d’Or 2021. She accompanied Davy Tissot in the development of the recipes that led him to the first step of the podium.

The successful candidate will defend France at the Bocuse d’Or Europe and, if qualified, at the grand finale of the Bocuse d’Or in January 2023.

Cole brings me his calmness even in the storm and all his precious availability. And like me, he loves competition and never stops learning. Thank you for being by my side.



We wish them all the best and will be behind them!


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