Jean-Pierre Blanc

The G&G Pélisson Foundation

In 2019, Malongo decided to sponsor a student from Institut Paul Bocuse by awarding an Enterprise scholarship.  Maud Ravix is a Bachelor’s student in Culinary Arts Management at Institut Paul Bocuse.

Interview with Jean Pierre Blanc – Malongo’s Managing Director

Malongo is a family firm specialising in quality coffees for restaurants and the general public. It has been involved in certified fair trade and organic agriculture for over thirty years. It works mainly with cooperatives of small producers whom it supports technically to obtain exceptional harvests.

Its hotel and catering department trains students and professionals at three training centres located in Paris, Écully (Institut Paul Bocuse) and Nice. It has a partnership with the national education authority for the training of pupils and teachers. Since 1992, it has organised an annual competition for young professionals working in the coffee industry.

What are your links with Institut Paul Bocuse?

Sentimental links because of the quality of the Institute’s theoretical and practical training. By sitting on the Institute’s Board of Directors, I also share the Institute’s values.

In addition, Malongo’s training teams contribute to the development of knowledge by giving theoretical and practical training courses to the School’s students, because we have always believed that coffee is the highlight of an exceptional meal and should contribute to the enhancement of the chefs’ cooking.

Why did you choose to support a student from Institut Paul Bocuse?

It seemed self-evident once Hervé Fleury – General Delegate of the G&G Pélisson Foundation – had presented the efforts of the Institute and the G&G Pélisson Foundation to open the School to talented young people who would not otherwise have been able to afford to enrol on a programme of study.

What do you hope to offer Maud?

Financial help of course and moral support to ensure that the various stages of her training go smoothly.

We will support Maud by remaining at her disposal should she feel the need to contact us for assistance. It is importan