European Sugar Championship: the Institut Paul Bocuse and the Fondation on the podium

The G&G Pélisson Foundation

Hyeoneung, a second-year student at the Institut Paul Bocuse and winner of a Foundation scholarship, came in third at the 13th European Sugar Championship.

On Sunday, January 27, the 13th European Sugar Championship will be held during the Sirha trade show.

12 candidates worked on raw sugar to present a creation on the topic of “sustainable urban pollination”. The candidates had to make 30 flake-pastry sweets and 6 original lollipops. Honey had to be present in each flavor profile.
A masterpiece made entirely out of sugar also had to be created. Sugar in its pulled, blown, ribbon, and other forms had to account for 70% of the piece, except for cast sugar.

The head of the jury was Jérôme Langilier, World Pastry Champion.

Winners’ circle:

  • 1st: Jonathan Idiart
  • 2nd: Joannic Taton – Pastry chef at the Institut Paul Bocuse
  • 3rd: Hyeoneung Kim – Student at the Institut Paul Bocuse