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The students granted scholarships by the G&G Pélisson Foundation express their appreciation to the patrons, companies and individuals who enable them to pursue their studies at Institut Paul Bocuse with peace of mind.

They are passionate about the hospitality business and have chosen Institut Paul Bocuse to live their dreams to the fullest!

Discover the students who have received scholarships from the G&G Pélisson Foundation: their backgrounds, their passions, their life at the Institute, and more!

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Jade Stocker

“My name is Jade Stocker-Gérard and I’m 20 years old. I’m currently in my third year of a Bachelor’s degree in International Hospitality Management at Institut Paul Bocuse.

My lifelong passion is dance. Regular practice of contemporary and classical dance for more than 10 years and participation in national competitions have taught me team spirit, rigour, perseverance, a sense of detail and excellence, all of which are qualities needed in our profession.

Passionate about service, discovering others and travelling, my wish to make a career and to fulfil myself in the hotel sector has always been there.”

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Eloise Bockelee

My name is Eloise Bockelee, I’m a 2nd year student at Institut Paul Bocuse from the Paris region. For almost 14 years I practised ice dancing and synchronised skating. My efforts in these disciplines led me to the Junior World Team Championship.

I chose Institut Paul Bocuse because for me it was the school with the values closest to my own. I wanted to find a school that would set the same high standards for me as I had in my sport and that’s exactly what it has done.

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Hugo Vesin

My name is Hugo Vesin and I’m originally from Evian on the shores of Lake Geneva. I’m currently in the first year of an international Bachelor’s degree in Hospitality Management, which I joined after completing a Baccalaureate in economics and social sciences.

During my discussions with students during the open days and with other professionals working in the sector, I was able to appreciate both the professionalism of the students when they leave the Institute and also the friendly family spirit that reigns between the different classes and the many opportunities and prospects that Institut Paul Bocuse students enjoy at the end of their studies.

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Julie Virtel

My name is Julie Virtel, I’m 22 years old and a student at Institut Paul Bocuse on the Bachelor’s degree in Hospitality Management. For the third consecutive year, I had the pleasure of being awarded the G&G Pélisson Foundation’s Academic Excellence Scholarship in 2020.

Institut Paul Bocuse is a school that allows us to defend the ideas that are dear to our hearts. Ecology is a subject that I want to integrate fully into my professional life and which is becoming increasingly important in our sector. This is why we have created, with five of my fellow students, the “Eco-Campus” society.

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Stanislas Dufay

My name is Stanislas Dufay and I’m a 3rd year student of the Bachelor’s degree in International Hospitality Management at Institut Paul Bocuse. I have been the recipient of a scholarship from the G&G Pélisson Foundation for 3 years and I’m passionate about the hotel business.

Sensitivity, hard work and excellence are values that I sought in my studies. Thanks to Institut Paul Bocuse and the scholarship from the G&G Pélisson Foundation, I was finally able to become the passionate man I am today and tell myself that I could now achieve great things.

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