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The students granted scholarships by the G&G Pélisson Foundation express their appreciation to the patrons, companies and individuals who enable them to pursue their studies at Institut Paul Bocuse with peace of mind.

They are passionate and have chosen Institut Paul Bocuse to live their dreams to the fullest!

Discover the students who have received scholarships from the G&G Pélisson Foundation: their backgrounds, their passions, their life at the Institute, and more!

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Cole Millard

My name is Cole Millard, and I am a third-year student in International Culinary Arts Management at The Institut Paul Bocuse. I completed high school in Calgary, Canada before moving to France to pursue a culinary education at the highest level while obtaining a Bachelor’s degree.

I chose the Institut Paul Bocuse because of the quality of the culinary team, international internship opportunities and the opportunity to study in and explore France.

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Theo Fauviaux

My name is Théo Fauviaux, and I’m from Bordeaux. After initially choosing a mainstream Scientific Baccalaureate programme, I decided to switch to the STHR stream specialising in Hotel and Catering. I’m currently in the first year of a Bachelor’s degree in International Culinary Arts Management at Institut Paul Bocuse.

Ever since my childhood I’ve been passionate about cooking but also about art in general. I chose to enrol at Institut Paul Bocuse because it is a dream for me and a logical continuation of my passion and my decision to reorient my studies.

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Matthieu Frey

My name is Matthieu Frey, I’m 20 years old and I’m from Sainte-Marie de Ré. I am in the 2nd year of the Bachelor’ s degree in Culinary Arts and Hospitality Management. I chose Institut Paul Bocuse because I wanted to join an environment characterised by rigour and excellence. And also, for its reputation and the diversity of the Institution in terms of nationalities, which is a key part of the school’s rich identity and the very heart of the extended Paul Bocuse family.

Thanks to the Foundation’s donors that make donations for the students, every day we work so hard and that we have an even greater sense of the value of hard work, sharing, respect and recognition.

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Anaïs Esteve

“I will always remember my first day at the Institute. We arrived in front of the kitchens on time and wearing our uniforms. The chef looked us in the eyes before saying: “If you’re on time, you’re already late!

It was at that very moment that I realised my career ambitions would keep on growing for years to come.

My name is Anaïs Esteve, I’m eighteen years old and come from Toulouse. I left my hometown to join Institut Paul Bocuse in September 2020 to follow the Bachelor’ s degree in Culinary Arts and Entrepreneurship.

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