Benoit Favier
- La Cornue

The G&G Pélisson Foundation

In 2017, la Maison La Cornue became the first-ever company to sponsor one of our students, by pledging to support Diane Laudic, graduate on the Bachelors course in Culinary Arts Management at Institut Paul Bocuse.

Interview with Benoit Favier, Managing Director of la Maison La Cornue

Ever since 1908, la Maison La Cornue has been sharing the qualities of the ‘sacred fire’ that has made our ovens so famous with those who have a true passion for cooking.

For more than 100 years, we’ve been striving to build on the legacy of Albert Dupuy by safeguarding our unique savoir-faire whilst continually adapting to modern-day culinary demands. Our teams are always looking to innovate and improve the excellence of our products with one single goal in mind – the satisfaction of our customers. Awarded the EPV Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant (Living Heritage Company) label by the French Ministry of Economy and Finance, this mark of recognition of our tradition industrial skills, means we are committed to ensuring that the flame of conviviality and French art de vivre continues to burn brightly for years to come!

Why did you choose to support a student from Institut Paul Bocuse?

Know-how, transfer and training are all values that are close to our hearts at Maison la Cornue. Indeed, our industrial know-how is totally unique and can only be passed on from one generation to the next directly through the expertise and skills of our very most-experienced craftsmen.

It’s important for us to be able to extend this approach to sharing knowledge and expertise to the Culinary Arts, which is another area that is close to our hearts. We’ve managed to do this by funding the training of a student who is keen to learn about a unique know-how such as ours. Institut Paul Bocuse was a really easy choice for us, given that both our organisations work hard to promote French excellence and art de vivre on the domestic and international scene.

We’re very proud that the first-ever recipient is a female student, because it’s really important for us to attract more women into areas of activity (both ours and the culinary arts!) that were previously male-dominated.

What do you hope to offer Diane by sponsoring her?

Firstly, we hope to be able to offer her above all the resources she needs to make a great success of her studies and her first steps into the profession!

But beyond the question of financial support, we’re also going to provide her with the support she needs during her placements and her discovery of culinary techniques. We’ll also introduce her to our know-how so that she becomes an ambassador in her own unique style for our values of French knowledge transfer and conviviality.

And in return, what are your expectations?

To see a young, talented professional grow and find their calling is already something in our own workshop that means a lot and makes us proud to have succeeded in passing down our expertise! If we could also build up a close long-term relationship with Diane and count her as a new member of the La Cornue universe of chefs with her own inimitable style, then we’d be really very pleased about what we have achieved.