An alumni supports the G&G Pélisson Foundation

The G&G Pélisson Foundation

Naïs Pirollet, a 2017 Bachelor of Culinary Arts graduate and top of her class, supports the G&G Pélisson Foundation and the Institut Paul Bocuse. 
She is Team France’s candidate for the Bocuse d’Or Europe.  

cheque naisIn the presence of Sylvie Pélisson – President of the G&G Pélisson Foundation and Dominique Giraudier – Managing Director of the Institut Paul Bocuse, Naïs symbolically handed over a check in thanks for the support provided to her by the Institute.



I have made this donation for the sole purpose of thanking my school for all their current support.

Naïs is actively preparing for the European selections, which will take place on March 23 and 24 in Hungary. 
Her team has only been put up, and she finally appointed her coach. It will be Tabata Mey, a starred chef in Lyon and Alumni (class of 2004) of the Paul Bocuse Institute. 
She will be assisted by Cole Millard, her clerk/commit – student in the 3rd year of the Bachelor International Management of Culinary Arts and scholarship holder of the G&G Pélisson Foundation. 

We will be encouraging them during the European selections!  
Do you want to support the G&G Pélisson Foundation for the Institut Paul Bocuse and allow young passionate students to fulfil their dream?