2021 has been an eventful year full of surprises for the G&G Pélisson Foundation for the Paul Bocuse Institute. If 2020 was symbolized by self-knowledge and reconstruction, then the las twelve months were the symbol of social renewal and active growth. 

2021 Main events 

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Launch of the solidarity fund 

In the company of the Institut Paul Bocuse and the Alumni Association, the G&G Pélisson Foundation for the Institut Paul Bocuse has set up a Solidarity Fund to support students encountering financial difficulties. 
Thanks to everyone’s support, we have helped more than 20 French and international students.

Bocuse d’Or

Equipe france bocuse d'orCole is a third-year Bachelor of Culinary Arts student and a Foundation scholarship holder. He was Naïs Pirollet’s clerk/commits. They participated, alongside 5 other candidates, in the Bocuse d’Or France selection, last November in Reims. 
Cole was voted best clerk/commits of 2022! Following step: the European selections in Budapest! 

Flash News: The French Team got selected for the Bocuse d’Or that will take place January 2023.

Jeunes Talents Escoffier / Young Talents Escoffier

Anaïs is a second year of the Bachelor Culinary Arts student and scholarship holder of the Foundation. Ivan is a third year of the Bachelor Catering student at the Paul Bocuse Student. They took part in the final of the French Young Talents Escoffier Championship.

Anaïs won the special kitchen prize! They will admirably represent France in the world final at the end of 2022. 
The G&G Pélisson Foundation for the Paul Bocuse Institute is proud to support these youthful talents. They are the future of the hotel, restaurant, and culinary arts professions.

Key figures:

Key figures

*Exceptional assistance granted to allow students in financial difficulties to pursue their studies. 
** Co-funding of two theses: Plant and animal food thesis in catering: consumption trends and adaptation of the sector to sustainable development issues and CANUT project aims for a better quality of life for the patient undergoing chemotherapy by significantly improving pleasure taken to eat.  
*** Cook-Lab: Culinary research and development laboratory.


2022 Projects

Opening of the new hotel and catering division of the Institut Paul Bocuse

The grand opening is scheduled for October 2022. A new stage in the extension and modernization of the Ecully Campus.  

Our ultimate ambition is for this modern extension to provide our students a unique framework to flourish in their college life! It allows us to compete among the most beautiful campuses dedicated to hospitality, catering, and the culinary arts in the world.

Dominique Giraudier, CEO of the Institut Paul Bocuse 


Scholarship Program

Since 2019, more than 200 scholarships have been granted for an amount equivalent to 1 million euros. The goal is to reach 25% bursary holders by 2025. 

For the sake of more active sincerity and transparency, the Equal Opportunity scholarships provided to CROUS bursary holders will be calculated according to the level awarded by the CROUS. This will fund up to 100% of tuition fees for Tier 7 beneficiary students.

Opening up to the international

American sponsors can directly donate to the G&G Pélisson Foundation, via Friends of Foundation de France. 
Want to know more? We invite you to read our March 2022 Newsletter in its entirety. 



In 2022, let’s continue to mobilize

The G&G Pélisson Foundation would like to thank all of its donors, companies and individuals, who have contributed to the influence and development of the Institut Paul Bocuse in 2021.

Let’s continue the mobilization to enable the Institut Paul Bocuse to transmit to young enthusiasts its innovative and contemporary vision of the hospiltality, restaurant and culinary arts to prepare them for futur challenges.

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