Thanks to donations from business and individual benefactors, the G&G Pélisson Foundation has contributed 1.4 million euros to the development of Institut Paul Bocuse.

The bursary and scholarship programme

An allocation of €198,000 has enabled us to help 58 students, including 25 income-related bursaries and 33 academic excellence scholarships.

Since 2017, the Foundation has accompanied more than 180 deserving students through its bursary and scholarship programme.

This programme is also backed by business organisations that commit to supporting a student throughout their studies. Two enterprise scholarships are financed by the companies Bernard Magrez and Malongo.

Teaching & learning innovation

The G&G Pélisson Foundation has provided €255,000 in support of teaching and learning innovation at Institut Paul Bocuse.

This aid has made it possible to recruit a PhD and HDR qualified professor for the role of Academic Dean, specialised in management and business administration.

In addition, to ensure the continuity of the school’s core activities in the context of the health crisis and to maintain contact with students, a distance learning approach has been implemented. In particular, the Institute invested in a media platform allowing virtual visits for the Open Days. Various projects have thus been made possible thanks to the G&G Pélisson Foundation.


The G&G Pélisson Foundation has co-financed 2 theses for a total of €100,000:

  • New meat-eating trends in restaurants
  • Transnational food dynamics between France and Brazil. Marie Sigrist defended her thesis with honours on 25 February last. She thus qualifies as a Doctor of Anthropology after 3 intense years!

Thanks to her work, Institut Paul Bocuse’s Research Centre contributes to the development and ongoing adaptation of the School’s teaching content.

The G&G Pélisson Foundation thus contributes to the development of a scientific approach applied to key issues in the hospitality, food service and culinary arts sectors.

The new Campus

Creating a learning environment that is adapted to technological and societal changes and offering students and researchers a unique setting in which to live, study and work in step with modern society.

The G&G Pélisson Foundation supported the New Campus project in 2020 to the tune of €800,000.

The first phase of this large-scale project was launched in 2020:   

  • a space dedicated to the concept of Pop-Up Restaurants, a teaching and learning space,
  • a 81 m² restaurant and a 86 m² kitchen,
  • between 30 and 40 restaurant covers (outside of health restrictions).

Continuing our work in 2021

The G&G Pélisson Foundation would like to thank all of its business and private benefactors who have contributed to the reputation and development of Institut Paul Bocuse in 2020.

Following a difficult year, particularly in our sectors of activity, 2021 should be placed under the sign of French gastronomy!
This will be the perfect opportunity to continue our work and to support Institut Paul Bocuse in passing on its innovative and contemporary vision of hospitality, food service and the culinary arts to young enthusiasts, as well as the fundamentals of these demanding professions in order to prepare students for the challenges of tomorrow.

If you also wish to participate in our initiatives, please make a donation.